Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Zara Ripped Jeans Outfit

/ Shirt - Zara (similar) / Jeans - Zara / Flats - Asos / Bag - Oasis (sold out, similar) / Sunglasses - RayBan / Bracelet c/o - Bling Jewelry / Rings - c/o Bling Jewelry /

Hello there!  And, welcome to my 'I'm stuck at work really late but somehow put together a post' post.  That's a thing, right?  I scooped up this white shirt at Zara a few months ago to replace my tried and true H&M version that was destroyed by some rogue coffee spilling bandits (aka I clumsily spilled coffee on myself).  You never really know how much something is a staple in your wardrobe until it's gone.  I feel like I'm kind of stating the obvious, but a white blouse just goes with so many things!  It's perfect for those casual weekend outfits with some ripped jeans (see above), or tucked into a skirt or slacks for that classic 'working girl on the go' look.  I paired the white blouse and ripped jeans with one of the many pairs of simple flats that I've been stocking up on lately.  I also just purchased this amazing budget pair of slingbacks the other day to add to my collection.  Hope everyone is having a great week and thanks for swinging by!


White Blouse Ripped Jeans
Ripped Jeans Denim Flats
Zara White Blouse Outfit
White Blouse Ripped Denim Blogger Style
White Blouse Ripped Denim Blogger Style
Classic White Shirt Outfit
Casual Spring Outfit

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Photos: Jackie Giardina

Friday, May 20, 2016


Asos Black Shift Dress Outfit

/ Dress - Asos / Heels - Zara / Bag - c/o Coach / Watch - Kate Spade / Bracelet c/o - Bling Jewelry / Rings - c/o Bling Jewelry /

Happy Friday!  This week/life has still been a little crazy, but thanks to this post, I've managed to stop procrastinating and get up another post this week!  The little black dress is one of the ultimate wardrobe staples of all time (bold, but I'd like to think accurate statement).  You can wear them with anything and to pretty much any sort of holiday or event and they always look classy and chic (totally accurate).  With its classic quality, I paired it with a pair of pretty blush heels and my dream work bag.  This dress also makes for the perfect work get up since it hits a little above the knee (no grandma status here) and it's got that shifty shape so it's not too tight for the office.  If you're looking for a shifty dress with a little more color, I'm also loving this one.  Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!


Asos Black Dress Kate Spade Watch
Little Black Dress Blogger Outfit
Little Black Dress Style Idea
Zara Blush Heels Coach Bag
Dress Outfit Coach Bag
Black Dress Blush Heels Outfit Idea
Coach Swagger Bag

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Photos: Jackie Giardina

Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Disney World Packing Guide
Day 1: Magic Kingdom

/ Romper - Asos / Sandals - Steve Madden / Bag c/o - Coach / Sunglasses - Ray-Ban /

Hello friends!  I'm finally back with a post!  I know it's been a little bit, but life... ya know?  I've finally put together a round up of the outfits I wore on vacation in Disney World!  Last year I put together a little round up of the outfits I wore in Barcelona, and it turned out to be one of my most popular posts, so I thought I'd do the same with my outfits from Disney!  The happiest place on earth was just so much fun.  We had warm, sunny days the whole time, so I definitely broke out some of my favorite new and old summer pieces.  Planning outfits for Disney can be a little tricky, because it's typically hot, but you don't want to be walking around the parks in your short shorts with a bunch of children around.  So, I went for comfort for the most part (comfortable shoes especially) and mixed and matched different prints (ok mostly stripes) and breezy fabrics for the week.  I've also put together a little packing guide below!

Disney World Packing Guide
Day 2: Animal Kingdom

/ Top - Urban Outfitters (old, similar) / Shorts - Old Navy / Sandals - Steve Madden / Bag c/o - Coach / Sunglasses - Ray-Ban /

Before I left for the trip, I made quite a few Old Navy purchases.  They're simple linen shorts and tops are just oh so perfect for the hot days.  I love the blush color of these ones!

Disney World Packing Guide
Disney World Packing Guide
Day 3: Epcot

/ Top - Marshall's (similar) / Shorts - Urban Outfitters (similar) / Sandals - Zara / Bag - c/o Coach /

We did a lot of walking (and ahem drinking) in Epcot, and these sandals were comfortable on my feet the entire day.  Even between rounds of beers in Germany and running to Italy for some tiramisu before the start of the fireworks.

Disney World Packing Guide
Day 4: Hollywood Studios

/ Top - Old Navy / Jeans - Zara / Sandals - Steve Madden / Bag c/o - Coach / Sunglasses - Ray-Ban /

The day we went to Hollywood Studios was a little bit cooler and cloudier, so I threw on my favorite pair of ripped jeans, and a comfortable tank for the day.  Not pictured are the many churros that I ate throughout the day.

Disney World Packing Guide
Day 5: Disney Springs

/ See full post here /

I typically don't wear dresses to the parks to avoid having a Marilyn Monroe moment on one of the rides.  I wore this Reformation dress on the day we walked around Downtown Disney/Disney Springs.  The dress is the perfect fit for more churros (and ice creams) in between shops.

Disney World Packing Guide

So, there we have it!  A mixture of budget friendly (and ride friendly) vacation outfits.  Check out the packing guide above for some more outfit ideas!

Thursday, May 5, 2016


Reformation Dress Outfit

/ Dress - Reformation / Sandals - Steve Madden / Bag - c/o Coach / Necklace - Tatiana Katzoff via Etsy / Bracelet c/o - Bling Jewelry /

Oh how I wish I was back in Florida prancing around in the 80 degree weather in dresses and sandals.  These photos were snapped at Saratoga Springs, where we stayed for our trip, in one of my favorite dresses I've bought in a while.  I bought this dress around the holidays, but of course I live in New England, where I'd rather eat escargot than attempt to wear a dress outside in the winter.  Tights just aren't a thing I like.  I tried to wear it during Easter weekend actually, where it was still a little chilly, and I stepped outside and immediately ran back inside to change into my trusty jeans and boots.  I also bought these Steve Madden sandals for the trip, since I couldn't find my favorite brown Zara sandals (I'm still crying on the inside), and they were surprisingly comfortable for walking around the parks!  Since moving to my new apartment, I've been having some trouble with not being able to find things.  I've been searching for my favorite strapless bra for weeks!  How is it actually possible lose a bra when you live with your boyfriend??  Hope everyone has a fun Kentucky Derby weekend planned and Happy Cinco De Mayo!


Summer Outfit Reformation Dress
Reformation Purple Dress
Reformation Dress Blogger
Disney Vacation Outfit
Reformation Dress Coach Bag
Steve Madden Lace Up Sandals
Disney Vacation Style

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Photos: Jackie Giardina

// Fun Fact: The Fennec Fox weighs under 3 pounds and is roughly the size of a kitten. //

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


Summer Lace and Ripped Shorts in Disney World

/ Top - Marshall's (similar) / Shorts - Urban Outfitters (similar) / Sandals - Zara / Bag - c/o Coach /

Hey there!  *cue *NYSNC music* It's gonna be May!  My blogging game has been a little unfortunate lately, but I blame it on such a busy month.  Work has picked up and I also did some vacationing in Disney World!  The majority of my Instagrams this month were in Florida (with drink or churro in hand).  Oh, how I miss it.  And, lots of Spring things made an appearance as well.  This one probably being my favorite thing I've picked up this spring!  In my break, I've also really enjoyed just reading other blogs for fun again.  Does anyone else have that feeling where you just want to take a step back for a day or two (in my case a week or two) and just enjoy reading other people's work without worrying about your own??  There's just so much goodness out there.  Anyways, I can't wait for the start of summer and to share more Disney outfits!  Happy Tuesday!


Brown Leather Jacket and White Sweater

/ Jacket - Black Swan (old, similar) / Sweater - old (similar) / Watch - Daniel Wellington /

Leather Jacket and White Dress Outfit

/ Jacket - Zara (old, similar) / Dress - Zara (old, similar) /

(See full post here)

H&M Trench Coat and Zara Flats

/ Trench Coat - H&M / Bag - Asos / Shoes - Zara /

Zara Leather Sandals

/ Sandals - Zara / Bracelet - c/o Bling Jewelry / Shorts - Urban Outfitters (similar) /

H&M Trench Coat and Zara Flats

/ Watch - Kate Spade / Camera - Olympus via Amazon /

Coach Lace Up Flats

/ Flats - c/o Coach / Pants - Uniqlo /