Thursday, June 23, 2016


Maxi Skirt Outfit

/ Top - Topshop / Skirt - Brandy Melville (old, similar) / Heels - Zara / Bag - Glamorous via Asos / Watch - c/o Shore Projects / Necklace - Tatiana Katzoff / Rings - c/o Bling Jewelry /

This skirt has been a staple in my summer wardrobe for about three years now I think.  It's perfect for dressing up and dressing down, and it doesn't hurt that the fabric makes my legs feel like they are wrapped in something similar to a super soft baby blanket.  Also, there's just something exciting about a skirt with a slit.  Slits are like Scarlett Johansson with no makeup, surprising and effortlessly sexy.  Unfortunately, it seems that Brandy Melville doesn't find the skirt as impressive as I do, because I haven't been able to get ahold of another since.  C'mon Brandy.  Either way, I've rounded up some similar styles below!

Also, I'm heading to Montreal for a few days this weekend and I can't wait to explore and take in all of the French Canadian bagels and poutine!  Has anyone else visited Montreal?  I'd love some recommendations!


Black Top Striped Skirt
Brown Croc Bag
Striped Maxi Skirt Outfit
Maxi Skirt Summer Style
Summer Style
Layered Gold Necklaces
Maxi Skirt Summer Outfit

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Photos: Jackie Giardina

Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Summer Skincare Tips

Hello to tank tops, swimsuits, shorts, and all of those other fun summer clothes!  The summer style transition is a pretty easy one, but the summer skin transition... not so much.  My summer skin is basically 20% blackheads, 5% freckles, and 75% oil.  That summer heat/humidity got your skin down (ex. oily, burnt, clogged, etc.)?  Winter skin is one battle, while summer skin is a whole other beast.  I've always had sensitive, combination (t-zone oiliness), acne prone skin, and while my skin has finally started to clear up *cue the happy dance*, I still have to keep up with a good skincare regimen during the summer.  Below are a few of my favorite products/tips to keep your skin happy and let that summer glow shine *pun intended*!

Use a Clay Face Mask Twice a Week

I try to use a clay face mask at least twice a week when I get out of the shower to clean out the pores and help with my oily t-zone.  I love this Clinique version (under $20) that's made for oil control, and this Avocado & Oatmeal mask (under $5!) to calm my sensitive skin, and I usually alternate between the two depending on what my skin is complaining about the most.

Get a Facial

Listen, I get it.  Facials aren't cheap.  I resisted getting facials for the longest time, but when I was a teenager and I was breaking out like crazy, I finally decided to take the plunge (with a little push from Mom).  I'm all about that budget life, but there's nothing that compares to a good facial.  Facials are like a combination of an amazing massage, amazing skin advice, and an amazing face cleaning that results in amazing skin.  Just a whole lot of amazingness.

Summer Skincare Tips
Summer Skincare Tips

I try to get facials every few months, based on what I can afford, but I tend to get them more during the summer when my skin gets a little more clogged by oil, make up, and lotions.  Recently, I tried the Signature Facial at the The Red Door at the Westchester Mall location and loved it.  My mom has been a few times on girls weekends with her friends, so I had been wanting to try the spa for a while.  I've gotten facials at a few different places over the years, but this is the first place that really had the whole spa experience.  The warm robe and cushy slippers that you're instructed to change into when you arrive are no joke.  To start, the esthetician gave me a mini consultation where we went over my concerns and any allergies I may have to any of the products, and then she cleansed my skin and performed extractions, and ended with a mask, and an amazing shoulder/arm massage.  I will definitely be back for more, and if you're ever struggling to find a gift for someone, they also do gift certificates!

Drink Lots of Water

This one goes without saying, and is probably the most repeated skincare tip I've ever heard, but it's just so so accurate.  The esthetician that performed my facial mentioned to me that my skin was dehydrated just by looking at it.  You wouldn't have thought this with the amount of oil that's on my face, but she was right.  Two things that help me drink more water throughout the day are a straw (I don't know why we drink more water when I'm using a straw but we do), and a water bottle that tells you when and how much water you should be drinking.  I love these bottles that measure out your daily water intake and how much you should be drinking per hour, and the motivational messages on them!

Lighten Up on the Make Up

Summer Skincare Tips

I don't think anyone is going to like this tip, but it doesn't necessarily mean what you think it means.  Yes, not putting on as much makeup will help your skin, but some of us (this girl included) just can't get used to using less, but it is possible to switch to lighter products without sacrificing coverage.  Bonus points for products that also have SPF since it is summer!  I'm a big fan of Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, as well as Make Up For Ever Pro Finish Multi-Use Powder Foundation.  The powder foundation is perfect for those lighter days over a little bit of concealer on any trouble spots.


This post is in collaboration with The Red Door Spas, but love of facials and skincare are all my own

Wednesday, June 15, 2016


H&M Off The Shoulder Top Outfit

/ Shirt - H&M / Leather Jacket - Zara (old, similar) / Jeans - Zara (similar) / Heels - Zara / Bag - Oasis (sold out, similar) / Watch - Kate Spade / Rings - c/o Bling Jewelry /

Ah, another off the shoulder top... you may say.  The truth is, I can't get enough of em' (no but seriously I can't stop buying them).  Luckily, there's no shortage of options from high end to budget picks.  This one from H&M (like most of my wardrobe), is on the budget side.  Originally, I purchased it in my usual size, but it turned out to be a little too tight.  So, in order to avoid that robotic stiff movement that tends to happen when a shirt is too tight, I sized up and never looked bag.  Now, it's got the perfect amount of wiggle room while also staying true to it's figure forming self.  Final recommendations?  I wouldn't wear it if you're planning on consuming any large meals.  Or, if you do, maybe balance it out with something high waisted to keep everything in it's place.  Looking for some more outfit ideas?  I've also worn it here with a pair of white jeans and nude flats for a sort of coastal casual look.

This is also the first of many appearances from these Zara heeled sandals.  I picked them up in the beige color (trying to avoid the grey option for once in my life) and I'm now realizing just how versatile they're going to be.  They go with everything, from dresses to ripped denim jeans, and they're also going to be my secret weapon for this wedding season.  The block heel makes them comfortable to wear for hours upon hours, and also easier to move around in, so you're not that girl that falls over on the dance floor.  I've witnessed this first hand... and surprisingly, it wasn't me.


Striped top and leather jacket
Off The Shoulder Top and Ripped Jeans Style
Stripe Off The Shoulder Top Outfit
Off The Shoulder Beige Heels
Striped Top Beige Heels
H&M Striped Top
Summer Streetstyle

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Photos: Jackie Giardina

Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Forever 21 Swing Dress Sandals Style

/ Dress - Forever 21 (old, similar) / Sandals - Asos /

June/Summer is finally here!  We've finally started experiencing the summer temps and summer feels in New England and it's a breath of fresh summer air (pun intended).  In May, my motto was 'suns out, toes out'.  I jumped into sandals as soon as I could, and I'm ready for more... like this lovely heeled pair, for example.  I may have to add an extra shelf to my closet for new sandals, but that was bound to happen eventually.  I also picked up a few other summery things during the memorial day sales, like this off the shoulder top and this perfect beach dress.  I'm looking forward to more fun and sales this summer!  Also, I'm looking into a quick vacation somewhere (in driving distance) in New England or Southern Canada in the next month.  Anyone have any recommendations??  I would love to hear them!


Stripe Top and White Jeans Outfit

/ Top - H&M / Shirt - Topshop (old, similar) / Pants - 7 for All Mankind / Flats - Old Navy (similar) /

Coach Navy Swagger Bag

/ Bag - c/o Coach /

Shore Projects Gold Watch

/ Watch - Shore Projects / Rings - Asos /

Bling Jewelry Gold Bracelet

/ Bracelet c/o - Bling Jewelry / Rings - Asos /
Summer Sandals Chocolate Mousse

/ Sandals - Zara / Bracelet c/o - Bling Jewelry /

Tuesday, May 31, 2016


Zara Off The Shoulder Top Outfit

/ Shirt - Zara (similar) / Jeans - Levi's / Heels - Aldo / Bag - c/o Coach / Scarf - Zara / Bracelet c/o - Bling Jewelry / Rings - c/o Bling Jewelry /

Hi there, hello there!  Hope everyone had a lovely long weekend!  This weekend was the official kickoff to summer and one of the things I plan to live in all summer is off the shoulder tops.  I feel like they're the perfect mix of casual vibes and understated sexiness.  Paired with jeans, shorts, or a skirt and you have a winning summertime combo.  I've also jumped on the print scarf bandwagon to add some color to my mostly (ok, almost always) neutral outfits.   I also love using a print scarf as a colorful boho headband at the beach.  What's everyone else excited to wear this summer?!


Coach Bag Aldo Heels
Off The Shoulder Top and Ripped Jeans Style
Zara Neck Scarf
White Off The Shoulder Top Outfit
Off The Shoulder Blogger Style
Zara Scarf and White Off The Shoulder Top
Zara Off The Shoulder Top Outfit

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Photos: Jackie Giardina