Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Casual Style White Top Stripe Pants
/ Top - Asos / Pants - H&M (in store, similar) / Heels - Zara (sold out, similar) / Bag - Zara / Sunglasses - RayBan / Necklace - Asos / Rings - c/o Bling Jewelry /

This top is my new go to for pairing with seriously pretty much anything... minus a ball gown.  Actually, I take that back.  It would probably still go well with a ball gown.  It's that perfect crop length where it covers all the skin with high waisted shorts and skirts, but can also add a little flash of skin with mid rise jeans.  It's also the perfect basic top to pair with prints and bold colors.  I'm in love.  I also picked up these heels and bag from the recent Zara sale.  I know, you probably thought I was gonna say Nordstrom Sale.  Surprisingly, I haven't even touched that sale!  Am I the only one?  Probably?  Anyone else out there?


Casual Style White Top Stripe Pants
Casual Style White Top Stripe Pants
Casual Style White Top Stripe Pants
Casual Style White Top Stripe Pants
Casual Style White Top Stripe Pants
Casual Style White Top Stripe Pants
Casual Style White Top Stripe Pants
Photos: Jackie Giardina

Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Casual Style Embroidered Top Jean Shorts Outfit
/ Top - Zara (similar) / Shorts - Urban Outfitters / Flats - Zara / Bag - c/o Coach / Sunglasses - Ray-Ban / Rings - c/o Bling Jewelry /

Okay, if we're being completely honest, these photos were shot a while ago... like a pretty long while ago.  I'd like to think it was planning in advance (at least that's what I tell myself), but if you aren't posting anything else then it doesn't realllllly count.  I've been doing a pretty poor job of motivating myself to do any sort of photo taking or blogging lately.  It's obviously the weather's fault for being so damn nice (aka hot).  But, I did see this post today from one of my favorite bloggers, Geneva Vanderzeil, about being consistent and getting ish done in short amounts of time, and it really did give me that extra motivation.

So, I wanted to share that article with you all and also this fun outfit that may be from a few weeks ago but is still relevant to the current temps.  I wore this outfit to a friend's Fourth of July BBQ and it was a total hit.  I mean compliments from all angles!  The top is a tad boxy so I made sure to pair it with some form fitting shorts and a pair of statement flats.  Hope everyone is enjoying the warm temps and having lots of summer fun!


Casual Style Embroidered Top Jean Shorts Outfit
Casual Style Embroidered Top Jean Shorts Outfit
Casual Style Embroidered Top Jean Shorts Outfit
Casual Style Embroidered Top Jean Shorts Outfit
Casual Style Embroidered Top Jean Shorts Outfit
Casual Style Embroidered Top Jean Shorts Outfit
Casual Style Embroidered Top Jean Shorts Outfit
Casual Style Embroidered Top Jean Shorts Outfit
Casual Style Embroidered Top Jean Shorts Outfit
Casual Style Embroidered Top Jean Shorts Outfit

Photos: Jackie Giardina

Friday, July 15, 2016


Zara Stripe Swimsuit
/ Swimsuit - Zara / Sandals - Asos / Sunglasses - Ray-Ban / Bag - Shore Projects /

June is a blur!  I don't know if it was all of the travel, starting my new job, or the return of Pretty Little Liars (joking... sort of), but I'm not even sure where the month went.  I can't wait to share some Montreal travel tips and outfits with you guys!  I know I've been slacking, but the nice weather/concerts/holidays/pokemongo (yeah, I caved) makes it really hard to sit in front of a computer rather than be outside.  This is also why this Instagram round up is coming to you half way through July.  Hope everyone is having lots of summer fun times!  I'll be back to normal in September... maybe.


Mont Royal Outfit
/ Top - Asos / Pants - Forever 21 (old, similar) /

Pattern Skirt White Top Outfit
/ Top - Asos / Skirt - Tobi / Sandals - DSW /

(See full post here)

Dainty Gold Necklaces
/ Top - Zara (similar) / Necklaces - Asos (here and here) /

H&M Pattern Top Outfit
/ Top - H&M (similar) / Jeans - J Brand / Flats - Zara (on sale!) /

Asos Brown Sandals
/ Top - Loft / Jeans - Forever 21 / Sandals - Asos /

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Lace Wedding Guest Dress
/ Dress - c/o Little Mistress / Heels - Audrey Brooke (similar) / Bag - Asos / Rings - c/o Bling Jewelry /

Ah yes... summer wedding season.  Tis' the season to get your florals on and have your wallets at the ready.  I've seen lots of rules about what to wear and what not to wear to summer weddings, and while I'm not partial to always paying attention to those rules (I feel like everyone should be able to wear what they want when they want), there are a few simple rules that I like to stick by when it comes to dressing for a summer wedding:

1. Don't upstage the bride. 

While I refer back to that whole 'everyone should be able to wear what they want when they want', there are limits.  I went to a wedding last year where one of the guests was wearing a floor length sequined gown.  I had to pick my jaw up off the ground when I saw her... and not in a good way (the mother of the bride also had on a floor length white gown, but don't get me started on that one).  This also goes along with that whole 'don't wear white to a wedding' rule.  Just don't.  You will have your day, but until then, let the bride have hers.

2. Modesty is the best policy.

You've been working hard on that summer body, and you want to show it off.  I'm with you.  Staying fit is hard work, and you should be able to show it off... but I wouldn't recommend doing so at a wedding.  It's always important to bear in mind that there will always be older folks at weddings, and wouldn't it just be better to not get those stares from them all night long?  While I'm all for wearing what you want, it is important to respect tradition and respect those around you.  Pick one feature to highlight (legs, chest, arms, etc.) and keep the rest more on the modest side.  In my opinion, simple understated dresses are usually the most chic anyways.  

3. Get on your dancing shoes (and dress).

Whenever I'm shopping for a dress or shoes to wear to a wedding, the first question I ask my self is "can I get down on the dance floor in this?".  If I try to wear something that I'm not comfortable in, my confidence takes a nose dive.  I just can't hide it.  It's no fun wondering if your bra or underwear is gonna make an appearance at some point in the night.  So, if I'm even questioning if something is too tight or too short, I just throw it straight into my mental 'no' pile. 

Simple rules, right?  I didn't want to get too lengthy into rules, because the most important thing is to do you and have fun!  And, to highlight an example of my ideal wedding guest dress, we have this winner from the Chloe Lewis Collection of Little Mistress.  I love the lace material and classic style.  It's simple, danceable in, and most importantly... not a floor length white/sequin gown.


Summer Wedding Guest Dress
Summer Wedding Dressing
Blush Lace Dress Outfit
Summer Wedding Dress
Lace Skirt Black Heels
What to Wear to a Summer Wedding
Wedding Guest Dress
Lace Dress Outfit

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Photos: Jackie Giardina

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Disney… where to begin?!  I’ve been wanting to write this guide for a while, but it seems that it’s much harder to write a guide about a place you’ve been to many times than it is to write about a place you've visited just for a week.  In Disney, there’s just so many things to cover, and so many different parks, and rides, shows, resorts, restaurants, bars… you get the picture.  

I’m lucky enough to travel to Disney World almost every year with my boyfriend’s family, and they are Disney veterans, they’ve been so many times.  They know the in’s and out’s of every park, restaurant, bar, etc. (see above).  And, I’ve been able to experience their ways and learn some things along the way.  Obviously, Disney has so many fun things going on that it’s particularly tricky to narrow things down.  So, this is not complete guide to Disney, but a selection of things that the Disney veterans and I like to do while we’re there.  Also, I highly recommend downloading the Disney Experience app before you go, which keeps track of all of your reservations, and you can book your fast passes in advance!

Mini Guide to Disney

Where to Stay

Animal Kingdom Lodge - You wake up to zebras and giraffes outside your window… need I say more?  It’s definitely an experience worth having.  When my younger cousins visit every summer, this is where they stay!

Old Key West - There’s not a whole lot going on at this resort, but the condos are really spacious and nice, so it’s great if you’re going to have a lot of people crammed into the same condo.

Saratoga Springs - We stayed here during our most recent trip, and it's a cute little resort with nice pool areas and a cute restaurant on site if you're looking for some cheaper eats during your trip.  

Yacht Club Resort - Has a cool boardwalk, great places to swim, it's right next to Epcot, and it's great spot to watch the Epcot fireworks.

Where to Eat/Drink

Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Revue - This may be my favorite thing we do in Disney.  The food is amazing (it's all of those feel good american classics like ribs, fried chicken and strawberry shortcake) and it's also an amazing show.  Singing, dancing, and laughs all around! 

Le Cellier Steakhouse in Epcot - The first two years in a row that I visited Epcot with my boyfriends family, we went here in the Canada section of Epcot for lunch/dinner during our day in Epcot.  The steaks are so perfect, and yes, they're even worth the $50 price tag.  

Biergarten Restaurant in Epcot - We went here during this past visit to Epcot, and I was really impressed with the food.  I wasn't exactly sure what would be offered (other than the classic schnitzel), and it was a buffet style lunch.  There were lots of options in the buffet and they were all delicious.  Plus, the beer is the best in Germany of course... 

Le Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie in Epcot - The best way to finish up your meals in Epcot?  With some French pastries for dessert!  While everyone else is ordering their beers or champagne in France, you will find me in the line for pastries.  I've tried the macaroons, chocolate mousse, chocolate eclair, and a few others and they've all been delicious.  Also yes, you need the champagne as well, you know... to round out the experience.

The Boathouse - This restaurant is located in Disney Springs (formerly Downtown Disney) and it's one of the newer ones on the block.  We ate here for our last meal in Disney this past trip, and the views are great and so is the food.

Be Our Guest in Magic Kingdom - We’ve eaten here for both breakfast and lunch on two separate trips and the experience is amazing every time.  The decor and atmosphere is gorgeous, and the desserts are no joke.  It's a must for Magic Kingdom!  

Yak & Yeti in Animal Kingdom - I'll be the first to admit, I'm not the biggest fan of Chinese food.  I much prefer Thai or Japanese for Asian cuisines, but I was pleasantly surprised with this place.  There were lots of options and they were all really good.  It's the best spot to eat for the day in Animal Kingdom! 

The Parks

Quick Disclaimer: I get motion sick, so I'm kind of a pansy when it comes to some of the larger roller coasters and such, but I also try to ride each ride at least once!  And, I know the favorites of the group I travel with, so I will be sure to mention those!

Magic Kingdom - The original and my favorite Disney park.  There's nothing like feeling like a kid again for the day, which includes eating lots of good food/candy/ice cream, running into your favorite characters, and going on all of the cheesy (but amazing) classic Disney rides.  Yes, I even made my boyfriend go on "It's a small world" with me my first time back, because I remembered it being my favorite ride as a kid... and it was a little silly but also amazing.  I can also handle all of the rides in Magic Kingdom, which may also contribute to it being my favorite park.  My favorite spots are Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor.

Animal Kingdom - My second favorite park, because... animal lover over here!  Any park that has some sort of wildlife involved is automatically a go to for me.  Lions, Tigers, and Gorillas!  Oh my!  The Kilimanjaro Safaris are a must-do, but it's better to get there in the morning when it's not scorching hot and the animals are more active.  My other favorite spots are Dinosaur, Kali River Rapids, and Flights of Wonder!

Epcot - Epcot is very close to beating Animal Kingdom as my second favorite park.  The food is amazing, the drinks are amazing, and well... good food and good drinks usually makes for a good time.  Usually we hit the attractions before we start exploring around the world, because the one time we made the mistake of doing the rides after, we had some close calls on Soarin' and almost had to leave a man behind in the park bathroom.  It made for a great story, but probably wasn't the best idea.   My favorite rides are Finding Nemo (because you end up in an aquarium after of course) and Soarin'.  I've already hit my favorite food spots above, but as far as drinks go, the beer in Germany, the champagne in France, and the margaritas in Mexico are my favorites.

Hollywood Studios - This past trip was my first time to Hollywood Studios, and of course it was fun, but since the rides are a little more intense, it wasn't my favorite.  But, for those of you that love roller coasters and such, this will probably be your favorite park.  Some of our group chose to do this park twice or even instead of Animal Kingdom, because of how much they love the rides.  Me?  Falling in an elevator is my biggest fear so Tower of Terror was out for me, and Rock n' Roller Coaster (a group favorite) has a little too much motion.  But, I did really love the entertainment at this park.  My favorite spots were the Great Movie Ride, Toy Story Mania!, and the Beauty and the Beast show.  Oh, and the churros.  

Where to Go (outside of the parks)

Splitsville Luxury Lanes - This bowling alley is so fun if you're looking for something to do one night after the parks.  It's located in Disney Springs and the food is really good as well if you're looking to do a dinner/bowling combo!

Jet Ski Adventure - While searching for a birthday present for my boyfriend back in March, I came across this tour.  I'm not the most familiar with jet skis (i've only been on one a handful of times) but this was such a great experience!  The jet skis were so much fun, the tour guide was great (we actually got a private tour because we were the only ones riding that day), and it was so cool to see the sites from the lagoon.  Definitely check it out if you're looking for something to do if you have a day off from the parks!

What to Wear in Disney
Strolling around Magic Kingdom in Mickey Ears of course (See my post about what to wear while your in Disney here)

Giraffe in Disney Animal Kingdom
The safari is a must-do in Animal Kingdom

Tangled in Magic Kingdom
The Tangled Village in Magic Kingdom (one of my favorite Disney movies!)

Epcot Flower Festival
Epcot decorated in the spring for the International Flower & Garden Festival

Germany in Epcot
Germany in Epcot - my favorite beer spot